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Week Three – The Power of Now

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

If you’re reading this chances are you’re a student of self-development and self actualization.

No doubt you’ve read and heard quite a bit about setting goals and intentions. And within that the importance of programming and reprogramming our subconscious mind in order to be effective in achieving our goals, and in fact to have any meaningful impact at all.

The subconscious has been likened to an elephant while the conscious mind that of an ant. I heard another comparison this weekend with the subconscious being the elephant and the conscious the small boy with a stick sitting on the elephant, directing it.

The intent of these analogies is to illustrate that the subconscious is the far more powerful portion of our minds, but that it is only capable of doing exactly what we consciously tell it to. The challenge is that few of us really understand how to direct the subconscious, and how precise our instructions, intended or otherwise, are carried out.

That last part is essential to understand, because we are always directing our subconscious to do what we say, whether we intend to or not. There is no escaping this.

Another analogy may be the super computer and the programmer. They came up with jargon such as “WYSIWYG” – What You See Is What You Get” – and “garbage in, garbage out” because the big powerful electronic brain can only do exactly what it’s told. Give it bad information and it will still do exactly what it’s asked. It doesn’t know the difference.

This makes being precise in our instructions to our subconscious critically important.

We often see statements such as “I will” do this or become this. This is not just potentially less effective or prone to disappointing results, it could prove disastrous.

Instructing the subconscious that “I will earn $10,000 per month” or “I will reach my ideal weight of 170 pounds” sounds like we’re on the right track. When we tell our subconscious, with enthusiasm, with energy, with power  that we ”will” do these things, we’re programming our subconscious to do the things to move us towards these goals.

The trouble is, the subconscious doesn’t have quite the same interpretation of time as we do. It doesn’t really understand having been somewhere in the past, being here in the present, being there later. It only knows “now”.

When we tell our subconscious we “will” be or do something, we put that state in our future and our obedient elephant will insure that it stays there, always moving toward it, never quite achieving it.

That’s why it’s essential to use “I am” language when talking to our subconscious. By telling it “I am earning $10,000 per month”, “I am at my ideal weight of 170 pounds”, it sees that as what and where we are now, and it will insure that we are. What you (it) sees is what you get.

This was really brought home this week in Our Master Key program, where we are eliminating “I will” from Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman in the World”, making all language in the present. After reading the above you can imagine this is music to my ears!

The first scroll teaches us to plant “good habits” in our subconscious, as habit is the key concept the subconscious uses to create and operate our life.

What I’m finding is that this week I’m being much more attentive to instilling and living by the habits I’m creating, for making calls, following the schedule I’ve set for myself – heck, even keeping the newly cleaned up and arranged front of my office in order.

Last week I promised to clean it up by Sunday October 13th, and did – by the Tuesday before. But I’ve cleaned it up in the past, and it usually took two to three days before “stuff” started re-accumulating. And within a week it looked just as bad as before.

Now I’ve developed the habit of putting things where they belong shortly after they “appear” on that table, day after day!

A coincidence that it’s coinciding with putting my new good habits in the present, instead of the future? Try it, and see for yourself.

Nice seeing you at the top.

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