MKMMA Week Four – Ask and You Shall Receive

I feel like I’m writing this at the eleventh hour – just ahead of our Friday evening blog post target in our Master Key Master Mind Alliance program.

But that’s because all these pesky affirmations – intentions? – requests? – that we’re being taught to put into our minds and out to the universe have been bearing fruit this week, causing me to take action on what I’m receiving.

Which is an enlightened way of saying, it’s been a busy week!

Having read my little bio over on the right, you realize that one of my professions is that of professional photographer.

Well, over the past five years or so, the vibrancy of that business has been steadily declining. Naturally, by thinking about that all the time I had been asking for it to be more and more true. (Doooah! – Note to self: this stuff works both ways, all the time, no matter what I’m thinking. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR THOUGHTS!)

This is what caused me to realize that the profession of network marketing could be a good option for this new evolution of an economy. In fact, it’s clear that network marketing is the ideal business for today and the future.

So I’ve been thinking more lately about building my network marketing business, and not so much about photography. Not trying to eliminate thoughts of a fading photography business, just not thinking about it, thinking about something else.

And earlier this month I set a short term goal for my income for October, 2013.

Well, the network marketing income is continually growing nicely, but the Universe has a memory too. And this month it remembered “hey, aren’t you that guy that takes pictures?”

So early last week, about mid-month, reaching that goal looked kind of questionable. Then Wednesday I received a call from a client I had done one job for last year, who had a last minute project in Baltimore they needed shot. “Why, ehem, yes, yes I think I am available that day.”

Then this Wednesday morning, while getting ready to leave for that shoot,  I received a call from another “long lost” client. She just found out about a magazine submission and needed photos right away. Do I have any time this week?

“Well, let me see. Yes I think I can work that in on Friday.”

Result: within one week, from completely unanticipated sources, I am right on track to meet my October target.

I’d been trying to “help” the Universe by thinking up ways to do what I want to do. But she knows better.

“Just ask, and keep your eyes open, so you can see what I’m giving you.”

Just as we learn in the MKMMA, our ability to influence our reality with our thoughts is happening all around us, all the time, every day. I don’t just believe it, I KNOW it, I experience it daily, it is my life!

And yet every time I realize that it’s happened, it amazes me, it’s like Christmas morning every day.

Life really is a pretty great place to live.

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3 Responses to “MKMMA Week Four – Ask and You Shall Receive”

  1. Sue Says:

    It’s so hard not to outline what we’re going to do or have to accomplish our desires. Thanks for the reminder that we need to keep our eyes and our minds open to the opportunities, and trust the Universal Mind to provide for us.

  2. Susan Hedgcock Says:

    Thank you for sharing how your journey is manifesting….with such little effort! I agree that one of our biggest challenges is letting go of the who, what, where, and how and just trusting! Great post!

  3. Sue Blaylock Says:

    Great post, Stu. Sometimes we are impatient to learn new things. I know I am many times. Thank you for being so open.

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