MKMMA Week 20 Do-Be-Do-Be-Do

That’s how Frankie sang it. That’s how we all learned to attempt to build our lives. And it seems for me to still be the difficult change in thinking to make. Because in reality it should be Be-Do-Be-Do-Be.

Our old blueprint is that we must do things to make us what we want to be, what we want to have. Not do things as in taking action – that is still necessary – but as in directing and controlling the whole process.

Concentrating on the “how to”, rather than on the ultimate result we desire. Directing the Universe, rather than concentrating on the result and letting the Universal Mind do the work, the way it’s supposed to.

I am improving. Focusing on what and who I want to be and letting the answers to “how” flow to me. And I experience the results of doing that when I do “get it right”, when I let go of trying to oversee the process. It’s often – at this point I’d say it’s usually – in a completely different form than what I originally envision, and what I would have planned and directed by my conscious mind “being in charge”.

But it winds up being exactly what I asked for.

And yet I still find myself wanting to direct the process at times. Whether I feel things are not happening fast enough, don’t seem to be progressing in the direction I want, when I start to think that my goal is “too big” to be left to “chance”, I start to focus on designing the process rather than concentrating on the outcome. Thus probably slowing things down, rather than helping.

The good news it that I am noticing things happening in spite of my interference. When I find myself dwelling on a negative aspect – catching myself and redirecting my thoughts, but still not staying “pure” and “clear” in my thinking – I find that I experience the desired end result after all.

I’ve read somewhere, I’m not sure that it is in the MKMMA or Mark’s stuff, but in something I’ve read over the years, that there’s a tipping point, a “51%” level, where the preponderance of your thinking governs events.

Perhaps I’ve achieved that level. Maybe that’s the best we can expect at any given time. It appears that many of us are realizing that this is not a simple, clean, once-and done process. Making over our lives is a continuous work in progress. Life itself is a continuous work in progress.

There is no ultimate “getting there” where it’s all smooth and easy and finished. It’s all about the journey. Each experience creates new opportunities, new options, and new challenges. We’re continuously making and re-making ourselves. There’s always something.

And I’m okay with that.

… Strangers in the night, hm hm hm hm hmm …



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3 Responses to “MKMMA Week 20 Do-Be-Do-Be-Do”

  1. Susan Levinson Says:

    hi Stu,

    Really great post. I’ll never listen to that Frank Sinatra song in the same way again. Here’s to a life that is a continuous work in process and progress.

  2. Marea Adejuwon Says:

    Oh my goodness!!! I can’t even make it past the first paragraph!!!! “Be-Do-Be-Do-Be” THAT’S SO TRUE!!!!! What’s even more amazing, is I seriously think that’s the way I’ll be singing it from here on out. If I can cross out “will” in a book, I can move a “do” from a song verse just as easily.

  3. Norma Smith Says:

    The focus on the journey will lead us to the end result we want.

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