MKMMA Week 16 – Insight and the Ideal

As I’m re-acclimating to the daily tasks of life back here after my ten days in Guatemala, I’m finding that the conversation on clarity, the precision of words and Insight in part 15 of the Master Key is flowing seamlessly into part 16’s observations that wealth has value only in its exchange value, and the necessity for clear visualization of your ideal.

No doubt another of those many “coincidences”, I found that being in a different environment, and especially one that is in reality part of the fulfillment of my DMP, seemed to open my thinking to a more focused and accurate vision.

We’re used to thinking of what we want in dollar amounts – what is necessary to acquire those things. Being immersed in the sensory stimulations of the ideals themselves caused me to be able to focus on the end desire, and not worry about the means and trying to “help it along” with thoughts of “having ‘this’ will give me ‘that’”.

I’m not finding a need to rewrite any of my cards or DMP, other than perhaps to reorder things a bit. The words are correct, and I’m now experiencing a new-found clarity in visualizing the ultimate ideals, and allowing the details of the “how” to the purview of Universal Intelligence.

That’s not to say sitting and dreaming, but rather sitting and visualizing, with the understanding that the action steps necessary are being shown to me. I recognize and take action on those rather than trying to engineer the process, realizing that each is just the right thing to do at the right time.


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5 Responses to “MKMMA Week 16 – Insight and the Ideal”

  1. Jenny Palmer Says:

    Hi Stu
    I love your observations about letting go this week. It sounds as though you’re on an amazing journey to fulfill your DMP. Looking forward to reading more. Have a wonderful week :)

  2. Karen Krill Says:

    Stu, I’ve enjoyed hearing about Guatemala. You’re doing a amazing job.The statement about sitting and visualizing without wanting to be in charge of how how things happen is a great reminder. Thanks.

  3. Steve Shelly Says:

    Stu, you wrote, “I’m now experiencing a new-found clarity in visualizing the ultimate ideals…” Isn’t that so amazingly liberating? Blessings…

  4. Patricia Tamowski Says:

    Hope you had an amazing time in Guatemala and so glad you are getting more clear and focused. Great job!

  5. Robert Secrest Says:


    Loved your post of 17A.

    Not surprisingly, the most uplifting and encouraging memorials are those written in acceptance as celebrations of a life, while those in grief and denial are heavy, depressing and difficult to connect with. How very true.
    Bob Secrest

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