MKMMA Week 13 – Where Am I?

Mark and Davene were straight in when they cautioned us about having our focus disrupted over the holiday. I imagine those of you who like me traveled to visit others may have experienced similar challenges.

It’s not that I got off track with my readings and exercises – I made sure to be faithful to that. It wasn’t always easy and the schedule was pretty irregular much of the time, especially the mid-day sessions. But I made sure to do them

In fact if you haven’t already realized it, the “NARC” exercise that Mark introduced – maybe I should say “formally introduced” – on our last call is actually something we’ve been learning to do all along. He seems to enjoy that sort of thing. Kind of sneaking it in there unnoticed.

We’ve been anchoring doing the small services with keeping our promises and feeling good, so that when we miss by a bit or are unable to do everything we’ve promised due to things like schedules and unforeseen interruptions – ours and other peoples – we feel bad. And I kind of like that. Helps keep me on track.

But beyond the readings and exercises, I found myself feeling unfocused, a bit confused and a bit uncomfortable.

We’ve been creating and living by the habits of doing our exercises at specific times, in the same locations, anchoring that to being our normal way of doing things. Being in a different environment with all sorts of different and unfamiliar sensory inputs threw everything off, leaving me feeling a  bit dazed and drifting.

Good to realize this – to realize that the habits and routines are working, and to realize that I need to be prepared for the changes of breaking those routines so that we’re more flexible and more quickly and easily adaptable to new situations, while maintaining our focus.

Good to realize too that we’re becoming more and more able to recognize and learn from situations that don’t go quite as expected as we are when everything goes along according to plan.

Nonetheless, I’m finding I’m having to concentrate to regain my focus that was so clear a week ago. As I was traveling – driving – to my holiday destination my head and ears were full of clear business plans and thinking By the time I drove back – maybe a good analogy is that feeling when you suddenly wake up from one of those weird dreams that don’t make any sense (you do have those too, don’t you?) and you’re trying to regain your bearings.

And it’s only just begun.

Happy New Year!


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4 Responses to “MKMMA Week 13 – Where Am I?”

  1. ed rubi Says:

    Hey Stu! It’s funny you mentioned dreams that don’t make sense. Just last night I had this dream that I was working (I think I was employed by them) for the Empire, and Darth Vader was my supervisor. Storm troopers would come and fetch me, at the most inopportune times, and take me to Vader. I’m a big Star Wars fan, but I never had a dream like that. When I told my wife she laughed hard.
    Anywho, I also felt the strangeness of doing my exercises in a different place. I’m usually in my office, but my wife and I went to visit my mom for Christmas, and let’s just say that I spent a lot of time in the restroom. :) Great post! Thank you for sharing Stu. Have a safe and Happy New Year!

  2. Karen Krill Says:

    Stu, I relate to things not seeming quite as clear as usual and I don’t think it was all of goodies I ate. I had planned how to get my reading done – in the car driving to and from places. The night read was done by my IPhone flashlight (handy things.) I’m lucky I didn’t have to drive. Sounds like you handled the changes well. I relate to the strange dreams; I just realized today why I have had same dream different flavor for years. That’s the observing coming into play. Now that I know the cause I can have a different effect. Great Post. Thanks for the reminders.

  3. Susan Levinson Says:

    Thank you for sharing your the work you have been doing so diligently. I also appreciate your talking about the challenge of focus. I slipped a bit during the holidays and working on getting back on track.

    Warmest wishes for a great 2014.

  4. Karen Krill Says:

    Stu, have you commented on everyone’s post in our group? I know that you have been busy on week 14 post and movie blogs. They are great.

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