I Love You, I’m Sorry!

On November 25th this site was subjected to a treacherous and unprovoked concentrated spam attack. Wave after wave of gibberish comments overwhelmed the valiant defenses.

It looked grim for most of the day – would I have to close down this blog? Would the Creative Vision be darkened?

Then in the eleventh hour (well, actually the eighth), thanks to the help of the Amazing Heather and the Fabulous Davene who sent their energies streaming in to surround and overcome the oppressing evil-doers, the assault was thwarted and the cowards sent running.

Unfortunately, in the process it appears that several legitimate comments posted between November 9th and 25th were inadvertently deleted along with the offenders.

Please accept my sincere apologies if your heartfelt MKMMA comment was one of those. I didn’t mean to send you away – please come back!

I Love You!



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2 Responses to “I Love You, I’m Sorry!”

  1. Sheila Says:

    So glad you prevailed Stu. You are now a powerful manifest-er. Cast your bread upon the waters it will come back to you. You did and it did. Love and Light.

  2. Able Tsang Says:

    The MKMMA army fights back!!! :-)

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