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MKMMA Week 7 – Picture This

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

This week’s Friday MKMMA blog deadline finds me immersed in a work – a rework – in progress.

It seemed like a simple enough task. Week/Chapter 7 of Haanel’s Master Key System charges us to apply Visualization to our thoughts.

Well, this should be a gimme for me. I’m a flat out “Visual” on the VAK scale (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic).

Heck, I’m a photographer! I “see” the world in pictures all the time. I look at things and picture them in ways that make people say “dang, how’d you see THAT?”

I see things that aren’t even there!

Okay, that’s probably a topic for another story.

So Visualizing my DMP should be a no-brainer, right?

Well, yes. And no, not quite.

Maybe because I respond so strongly to visual images, this week it really became clear that as grand and lovely and emotional-sounding as my DMP was, the true, core feelings and emotions in me aren’t happening.

It’s written well. Lots of emotional sounding words. Lots of noble sounding thoughts. But it still isn’t igniting that burning fire that will cause me to push through any barrier to get to it.

As good as it reads, it’s still features and benefits, not the core emotions, not the true criteria.

So it’s more sitting. And walking. Not that I haven’t been sitting and walking before.

I’ve done plenty of sitting, looking for answers in its embryonic stages, working to come up with what seemed like just the right DMP.

Heck, it seems like there were days when the only time I wasn’t sitting was when I was laying down sleeping. I’m becoming the Forrest Gump of Sitting.

“Sit, Stu, Sit!”

And walking? Ha! I’m doing plenty of that. Why, if I stopped walking “in circles”, starting and coming back to my front door, and just set off walking in one direction, I’d probably realize one of my DMP goals of “Seeing the Entire World”, just walking to figure out this DMP thing.

“Walk, Stu, Walk!”

So I’ve decided to approach it quasi- Ben Franklin style, but with different column subjects. I’ve taken all the goals in my current DMP and listed them in the left column. Realizing that they’re mostly “features”. Then a center column, which lists the “benefit” of that feature.

And then, on the right is the true criteria column, the “what’s important about that” column. And in some cases maybe another column, “what’s really important about that?

I know how to do this in conversation. Time to look inside and have that conversation with myself, and get to the true core of what I really want, what it’s really all about.

So that’s where I am. It isn’t there yet. Won’t be tonight. Maybe not for a few nights. Like I said, a re-work, a work in progress.

But then again I guess that’s what we all really are, all the time.

I’ll get ‘er done. I’ll see it through, and create that true image. And when I do I’ll show you what it looks like.

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MKMMA Week 6 – The Shapes of Things to Come

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

We’ve been using colored shapes in our DMPs, movie trailer and promise cards for most of the past five weeks. This week we’ve bumped it up a big notch, creating posters and adding our PPN’s into the shapes.

If we’ve been casually observing them in the world around us previously, this week they’re impossible to avoid!

it’s interesting that on last Sunday’s MKMMA call Mark mentioned someone who had begun to notice green triangles in pine trees. I had been seeing the same thing during that week before.

Seems we’re all seeing similar things lately. Mass illusions or Mass-terminding? Is there really a difference other than the focus and purpose of the thoughts – the mechanism of our concentration?


It’s early November here in the Mid-Atlantic. Come to think of it, it’s probably early November wherever you are too …

Well, anyway, what that means here is for the past two weeks  my fellow photographers, photography students and I had all been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the “fall colors”. They seemed to be very late in appearing, and many had concluded that this would be a less-than spectacular fall, with leaves just turning brown and dropping.

Then late last week, they seemed to have changed overnight. One evening we all went to bed with green and brown trees, and the next morning woke up in a sea of color!

I went out for a walk in the neighborhood that day. (Walking is my second, and sometimes even more beneficial form of “sit”.)

At first I began to notice the green triangles in the evergreens, from the towering white pines to the small sculpted bushes in the landscaping surrounding all the homes. Then I realized that the big glowing yellow maples had a sort of square-ish, if free-form shape to them.

Then there were the red dogwoods, the red-orange cherries, and those shrubs I don’t know the name of that are green all summer and turn a bright red in late fall. All brilliant red orbs.

I was surprised too, upon really concentrating, how many of the homes have blue siding, blue shutters, and how even the blue sky, viewed through the frame of our field of vision, takes on a blue rectangle form.

Now I’m completely surrounded by reds and greens and yellow and blues, all anchored to my personal pivotal needs and purpose!

And then there’s that one house, Williamsburg blue siding, yellow window trim and shutters, with 20 – maybe 30 little green evergreen cones along the front, the red Japanese maple, the red dogwood, the red-orange cherry, the blue sky behind … BAM! Fuggeddaboudit!!

“No, really, I’m not staking out that house. No I’m not lurking. No really, call Mark, he’ll tell you all about it, no, wait, I … oh cool, your light bar has little flashing red circles in it …”


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MKMMA Week 5.2.0 – I “Got ‘er Done!”

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Well , it’s up, I finally posted my “Press Release”.

I not only used the additional two days we received from Mark, but even the extra hour granted by the time change from Daylight Savings Time! Thank you.

When the assignment was first announced it seemed like a fairly simple thing. I already have a 1000-word plus DMP from the early stages of the Think and Grow Rich class this past spring. Plenty of material to draw from.

But as I tried to write the thing I kept blocking up. It just didn’t feel right. And I kept stalling, looking for a direction.

In the end I went through a complete re-evaluation of my DMP and even my PPN’s. I’d used shorter-term benchmarks in my “finalized” MKMMA DMP, but they somehow weren’t causing the true meaning of it all to resonate.

Was that perhaps the reason it was so easy to drift this past week?

It’s interesting that as I read other blog posts from this week, there seems to be a shared “disconnect”, a feeling that we weren’t truly feeling the energy we’re intending to create.

Was this assignment a diabolical plot from Mark and the team? Have they, having been through this before, anticipated these reactions at this stage and planted this to challenge us to re-examine our true beliefs?

I need to be careful, lest my questions stray into the realm of “opinion”!

Hmm … does posing a thought as a “question” exonerate it from being expressed as an “opinion”? Have I found a loophole in this “opinion” thing?

Or is the “loophole” in reality that the more effective way of expressing our ideas is not to tell others what we think they should think or do, but to pose a question for us both to consider?

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MKMMA Week 5 – We Are Our Own Creation

Friday, November 1st, 2013

“The mind … is largely the result of heredity …we are today the result of our past thinking, and we shall be what we are thinking of today”.

Charles Haanel, The Master Key System, part 5.

Last week I wrote that we receive what we ask for. This week I’m reminded that we always receive what we ask for. So be careful what you ask!

It was a reasonably good week, a bit unpredictable in spots again, but flowing well. Until something yesterday turned it all inside out.

I was out running errands, when the (seemingly inevitable) driver pulled out way too close in front of me. It’s become a constant in this overcrowded always in a hurry society here. I’ve begun to notice with appreciation and gratitude when it doesn’t happen.

I’m training myself to respond at least neutrally, but this offense seemed especially egregious, and my “instinctive” temper responded with foul thoughts and epithets.

Haanel writes of “our Own”, what we inherently are, the results or our past thinking.

Interesting how at a family get-together last month, seeing cousins for the first time in ten years, the conversation at some point went with humorous acknowledgement to our legendary “Estler Temper” shared by all.

So ingrained that we’ve named it, taken possession of it, and made it a viable entity all its own.

Clearly this tendency for swift response to a perceived wrong goes well back into past generations, as we all share it and recognize it independently of each other.

Such a deeply instilled characteristic is taking some effort to replace with a good habit.

Well, I suppose you can imagine how the rest of my day yesterday went.

Thinking with energy and emotion of the offense only brought on several more incidents of the same. Each time causing more of a funk, which reproduced itself as I thought about it and how to “get rid of it”.

You can’t eliminate anything by thinking about the thing. That which we think about grows; that which we ignore atrophies.

Spending the rest of the day thinking about how best to “not think about it” was, predictably, unproductive. I needed a positive though, a soul-encompassing feeling to fill my consciousness with.


Meanwhile …

Today is November 1st, and the first day of reading Scroll Two of The Greatest Salesman in the World.

Some may have anxiously peered ahead, curious for a glimpse of our future readings, but I was absolutely true to reading Scroll One and only Scroll One for the past thirty days. Did not look at one word of Scroll Two.

So you can perhaps imagine the elation and joy that overcame me when I read the first sentence this morning.

“I will greet this day with love in my heart.”

What a glorious surprise! The following lines of the Scroll compounded and grew those feelings, possibly with an intensity I would not have experienced if not for my encounter with “Funky Thursday”.

Our instructions are to read each Scroll three times daily, morning, mid-day and night. I’ve already read this one four or five times, once out loud, and it’s not even 4:00pm.

Love indeed “is the answer”.

We create as our reality whatever we think about. We must be a constant watchman of our thoughts.

I love you.


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MKMMA Week Four – Ask and You Shall Receive

Friday, October 25th, 2013

I feel like I’m writing this at the eleventh hour – just ahead of our Friday evening blog post target in our Master Key Master Mind Alliance program.

But that’s because all these pesky affirmations – intentions? – requests? – that we’re being taught to put into our minds and out to the universe have been bearing fruit this week, causing me to take action on what I’m receiving.

Which is an enlightened way of saying, it’s been a busy week!

Having read my little bio over on the right, you realize that one of my professions is that of professional photographer.

Well, over the past five years or so, the vibrancy of that business has been steadily declining. Naturally, by thinking about that all the time I had been asking for it to be more and more true. (Doooah! – Note to self: this stuff works both ways, all the time, no matter what I’m thinking. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR THOUGHTS!)

This is what caused me to realize that the profession of network marketing could be a good option for this new evolution of an economy. In fact, it’s clear that network marketing is the ideal business for today and the future.

So I’ve been thinking more lately about building my network marketing business, and not so much about photography. Not trying to eliminate thoughts of a fading photography business, just not thinking about it, thinking about something else.

And earlier this month I set a short term goal for my income for October, 2013.

Well, the network marketing income is continually growing nicely, but the Universe has a memory too. And this month it remembered “hey, aren’t you that guy that takes pictures?”

So early last week, about mid-month, reaching that goal looked kind of questionable. Then Wednesday I received a call from a client I had done one job for last year, who had a last minute project in Baltimore they needed shot. “Why, ehem, yes, yes I think I am available that day.”

Then this Wednesday morning, while getting ready to leave for that shoot,  I received a call from another “long lost” client. She just found out about a magazine submission and needed photos right away. Do I have any time this week?

“Well, let me see. Yes I think I can work that in on Friday.”

Result: within one week, from completely unanticipated sources, I am right on track to meet my October target.

I’d been trying to “help” the Universe by thinking up ways to do what I want to do. But she knows better.

“Just ask, and keep your eyes open, so you can see what I’m giving you.”

Just as we learn in the MKMMA, our ability to influence our reality with our thoughts is happening all around us, all the time, every day. I don’t just believe it, I KNOW it, I experience it daily, it is my life!

And yet every time I realize that it’s happened, it amazes me, it’s like Christmas morning every day.

Life really is a pretty great place to live.

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