Who Is This Guy?

IMG_3959 4x5 150Stu Estler has been viewing the world though a little square box for the past 30 years. Seems enough people liked what he saw enough to pay him to make a living as a professional photographer. You can see his work at www.stuestler.com

About five years ago he decided he knew so much about photography that he’d teach it to other people. Turns out enough of them agreed, and he’s been teaching photo classes and workshops in the US and internationally. Info on classes can be found at www.premierphototours.com

In 2009 he met a group of like-minded photography and graphic design professionals, and joined the group Design4Kids to teach those skills with students of the Fotokids program in Guatemala. These incredible kids have become his second family and are a big part of his purpose. Learn more at www.design4kids.org and www.fotokids.org

A long-time advocate of living a healthy lifestyle, and a poster child for the phrase “if I knew I was going to live this long I’d have taken better care of myself”, Stu encountered USANA Health Sciences about a year and a half ago. Their award-winning products and business model convinced him that this was the ideal vehicle for him to help people achieve optimal health and prosperity in their lives. See more at www.stuestler.usana.com

Stu is a firm believer in our being responsible for our own lives and thereby able to create the life we want. He has been on a life-long search scouring the world to discover the keys to mastering our own subconscious mind.

If you happen to find him, please send him home.