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MKMMA Week Four – Ask and You Shall Receive

Friday, October 25th, 2013

I feel like I’m writing this at the eleventh hour – just ahead of our Friday evening blog post target in our Master Key Master Mind Alliance program.

But that’s because all these pesky affirmations – intentions? – requests? – that we’re being taught to put into our minds and out to the universe have been bearing fruit this week, causing me to take action on what I’m receiving.

Which is an enlightened way of saying, it’s been a busy week!

Having read my little bio over on the right, you realize that one of my professions is that of professional photographer.

Well, over the past five years or so, the vibrancy of that business has been steadily declining. Naturally, by thinking about that all the time I had been asking for it to be more and more true. (Doooah! – Note to self: this stuff works both ways, all the time, no matter what I’m thinking. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR THOUGHTS!)

This is what caused me to realize that the profession of network marketing could be a good option for this new evolution of an economy. In fact, it’s clear that network marketing is the ideal business for today and the future.

So I’ve been thinking more lately about building my network marketing business, and not so much about photography. Not trying to eliminate thoughts of a fading photography business, just not thinking about it, thinking about something else.

And earlier this month I set a short term goal for my income for October, 2013.

Well, the network marketing income is continually growing nicely, but the Universe has a memory too. And this month it remembered “hey, aren’t you that guy that takes pictures?”

So early last week, about mid-month, reaching that goal looked kind of questionable. Then Wednesday I received a call from a client I had done one job for last year, who had a last minute project in Baltimore they needed shot. “Why, ehem, yes, yes I think I am available that day.”

Then this Wednesday morning, while getting ready to leave for that shoot,  I received a call from another “long lost” client. She just found out about a magazine submission and needed photos right away. Do I have any time this week?

“Well, let me see. Yes I think I can work that in on Friday.”

Result: within one week, from completely unanticipated sources, I am right on track to meet my October target.

I’d been trying to “help” the Universe by thinking up ways to do what I want to do. But she knows better.

“Just ask, and keep your eyes open, so you can see what I’m giving you.”

Just as we learn in the MKMMA, our ability to influence our reality with our thoughts is happening all around us, all the time, every day. I don’t just believe it, I KNOW it, I experience it daily, it is my life!

And yet every time I realize that it’s happened, it amazes me, it’s like Christmas morning every day.

Life really is a pretty great place to live.

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Week Three – The Power of Now

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

If you’re reading this chances are you’re a student of self-development and self actualization.

No doubt you’ve read and heard quite a bit about setting goals and intentions. And within that the importance of programming and reprogramming our subconscious mind in order to be effective in achieving our goals, and in fact to have any meaningful impact at all.

The subconscious has been likened to an elephant while the conscious mind that of an ant. I heard another comparison this weekend with the subconscious being the elephant and the conscious the small boy with a stick sitting on the elephant, directing it.

The intent of these analogies is to illustrate that the subconscious is the far more powerful portion of our minds, but that it is only capable of doing exactly what we consciously tell it to. The challenge is that few of us really understand how to direct the subconscious, and how precise our instructions, intended or otherwise, are carried out.

That last part is essential to understand, because we are always directing our subconscious to do what we say, whether we intend to or not. There is no escaping this.

Another analogy may be the super computer and the programmer. They came up with jargon such as “WYSIWYG” – What You See Is What You Get” – and “garbage in, garbage out” because the big powerful electronic brain can only do exactly what it’s told. Give it bad information and it will still do exactly what it’s asked. It doesn’t know the difference.

This makes being precise in our instructions to our subconscious critically important.

We often see statements such as “I will” do this or become this. This is not just potentially less effective or prone to disappointing results, it could prove disastrous.

Instructing the subconscious that “I will earn $10,000 per month” or “I will reach my ideal weight of 170 pounds” sounds like we’re on the right track. When we tell our subconscious, with enthusiasm, with energy, with power  that we ”will” do these things, we’re programming our subconscious to do the things to move us towards these goals.

The trouble is, the subconscious doesn’t have quite the same interpretation of time as we do. It doesn’t really understand having been somewhere in the past, being here in the present, being there later. It only knows “now”.

When we tell our subconscious we “will” be or do something, we put that state in our future and our obedient elephant will insure that it stays there, always moving toward it, never quite achieving it.

That’s why it’s essential to use “I am” language when talking to our subconscious. By telling it “I am earning $10,000 per month”, “I am at my ideal weight of 170 pounds”, it sees that as what and where we are now, and it will insure that we are. What you (it) sees is what you get.

This was really brought home this week in Our Master Key program, where we are eliminating “I will” from Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman in the World”, making all language in the present. After reading the above you can imagine this is music to my ears!

The first scroll teaches us to plant “good habits” in our subconscious, as habit is the key concept the subconscious uses to create and operate our life.

What I’m finding is that this week I’m being much more attentive to instilling and living by the habits I’m creating, for making calls, following the schedule I’ve set for myself – heck, even keeping the newly cleaned up and arranged front of my office in order.

Last week I promised to clean it up by Sunday October 13th, and did – by the Tuesday before. But I’ve cleaned it up in the past, and it usually took two to three days before “stuff” started re-accumulating. And within a week it looked just as bad as before.

Now I’ve developed the habit of putting things where they belong shortly after they “appear” on that table, day after day!

A coincidence that it’s coinciding with putting my new good habits in the present, instead of the future? Try it, and see for yourself.

Nice seeing you at the top.

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Week Two – I Got It!

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

I don’t recall now the comic (Lou Costello maybe?) who did the routine “I’ve got it … I’ve got it … I’ve got it … (thunk) … I don’t got it.” Seems like that’s been me when it came to understanding how the subconscious works.

I’ve been studying and his many Law of Attraction disciples such as Earl Nightingale and others for years, trying to master the practical application of “managing” my subconscious mind.

I’ve experienced the results of planting a desire in the subconscious and having it manifest into reality. More than once. And it amazes me every time.

One of the core parts of my life is a direct result of this process, and the result was nothing I would have ever come up with on my own.

Haanel writes in Chapter 1-40:

“Recognition is a mental process, mental action is therefore the interaction of the individual upon the Universal Mind, and as the Universal Mind is the intelligence which pervades all space and animates all living things, this mental action and reaction is the law of causation, but the principle of causation does not obtain in the individual but in the Universal Mind. It is not an objective faculty but a subjective process, and the results are seen in an infinite variety of conditions and experiences.”

(Emphasis mine)

Geeze, I even commented about that on the Think and Grow Rich call Saturday afternoon.

But it was finally on the MKMMA call on Sunday afternoon that it finally “clicked” – and it really was as if I felt a switch being flipped on.

I’ve only read and heard it about 4,287 times, but when Mark said it on the call, it finally really sunk in.

LET GO! Give the subconscious the goal, with energy and enthusiasm, and GET OUT OF THE WAY!

I’ve studied this extensively, understood it intellectually, and put desires in my subconscious. And even though I’ve read and reread to let go and let Universal Energy find the ways, my big brain always needed to help it along with “how to’s”.

I was placing the desire, but then handicapping myself by trying to plant the plan, the means of achieving it, according to the limited means I was currently aware of and felt I was able to do (afford, accomplish, whatever).

And not getting there. The times it has happened, it was because I let it go, and didn’t try to guide it.

Here’s the thing – if you already knew how to get what you want, wouldn’t you already have it?

Don’t limit yourself by trying to direct the Universe with your limited resources!

Plant the desire, get out of the way and let the subconscious do its work. And be aware and open to answers – they may come from completely unexpected sources. When you notice one, take action!



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Week One – Those Voices Inside Our Head

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

No, not those voices. Can’t help you with them.

I’m talking about our own voice that talks to us all the time. We all do it. Can’t turn it off.

What it says matters far  more than many realize.

The Master Key Master Mind Alliance course with Mark Jaznuszewski that 300 of us have just begun will help guide us to make sure what we tell ourselves is what we truly want to hear – and bring us to where and who we want to be.

Chances are if you’re reading something like this by now you’re at a place in your life where you’ve read Napoleon Hill’s “Think And Grow Rich”. Maybe not studied it, maybe not fully embraced the message and the system, but at least you’re familiar with it.

There’s a good chance you’ve also read, heard and looked at some of the other more recent philosophers of success and self-development, many of whom have reworded Hill’s message in their own voice.

And then of course there’s the infamous “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, which brought the concept of the Law of Attraction into popular mass awareness. I say infamous, as many have scoffed at the message as being unrealistic, that it suggests all that is needed is to sit and wish and wait for money to show up at your door.

That’s because many who’ve watched, or listened to , or read the it have ignored the underlying key expressed by everyone in it – that ACTION is a necessary part of attraction. It’s in there for those who are willing to hear it, and who are willing to take responsibility for their lives.

While this course and this message isn’t about “The Secret”, the Law of Attraction is certainly a core underlying element in what we study, what we think, and who we are. “We tend to become that which we think about most of the time” (Earl Nightingale’s “Strangest Secret”).

What we think – what our inner voice tells our subconscious mind – are the instructions that the subconscious obeys to give us what we tell it we want.

This part isn’t something we have to learn. It’s happening all the time, and has been ever since we’ve had the ability to think. The problem for many people is that they don’t realize this, and don’t realize or accept that what they have, where they are and who they are is exactly what they’ve asked for.

Each and every one of us has created our lives to wherever we are right now, and continue to do so. There’s no one else to blame.

For some that comes as bad news and is unacceptable. They are the ones who will continue to sit on the couch, wish for a different life, and blame their current one on everything and everyone except themselves.

But for those of us who realize just how incredibly powerful this makes us – each and every one of us – it’s an exciting revelation that we can create whatever life we want. Some who’ve understood this all along already have, and continue to do so.

Since the concept of the power of the subconscious and it’s connection to Universal Energy through the Law of Attraction has been on my mind for a while now, it’s no surprise to me that lately I’m hearing examples of it everywhere, in what I’m reading, CD’s I’m listening to, conversations and talks I’m engaged in.

If you’re new to all this, you should re-read that last sentence a few times, until the message in it really dawns on you.

In every instance, people have described having achieved their successes, whatever that may be for them, once they determined, absolutely, and put in their minds that this is what they have and who they are.

No, none of them sat on the couch and waited for the Publishers Clearing House van to pull up outside their door.

They all took action, and did the things necessary to make these things happen. But so did a lot of others who did not achieve the same successful results.

The difference is that those who succeeded had already determined that they had done so, and instilled that in their subconscious as their reality.


Now if you’ve been reading this at the end of your day, and all along have been talking to yourself that “it’s time for dinner”, by now chances are you’ve attracted quite an appetite.

Go have a great (nutritious and healthy) meal, and check back here often, to see what I’m thinking about next.

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